SATURDAY, MAY 25, 2013 

281 Cunningham Mill RD, Reidsville, NC

Team Erica is having their annual yard sale May 25th at 281 Cunningham Mill RD, Reidsville NC .  Team Erica is a 5013c organization therefore all proceeds go to benefit services for people afflicted with MS.  

All items donated to the yard sale are tax deductible. When you do that spring cleaning, donate those items you no longer want or use. Instead of having that yard sale or garage sale, donate the items to TE and save yourself the headache of pricing items, dragging them outside and then wasting a weekend waiting for buyers to show up. Do you own a business or work for a business that is replacing equipment, furniture or supplies? Why not donate them to a worthy charity. We will take most anything in good shape: clothes, toys, books, furniture, household items.  

If you have questions or you need help moving large items, please contact us at goteamerica@yahoo.com.

Please join us at the yard sale or donate your items to TE. There are so many who suffer with MS and depend on our help to find a cure.