We are ready to order the 2016 jerseys and gear! We're using a new jersey/gear manufacturer this year, Castelli. Several of the team members have tried on the gear for sizing purposes and love the new fabric and style! A word of caution, Castelli cycling gear is a bit more snug fitting than the Hincapie gear we have used in the past so keep this in mind when ordering. For example, I wore the Hincapie race fit gear (the snugger fitting gear) and always wore a size XL jersey and XL bib shorts. With Castelli, I have MOVED UP ONE SIZE, ordering a 2XL jersey and 2XL bib shorts (no I didn't get any fatter, ha!).

If you liked the club fit jersey version from Hincapie, you'll need to consider moving up yet another jersey size to give you the room you were used to with the prior club fit jersey. You can refer to the sizing charts on the Castelli web site or even try on some Castelli gear at Cycles DeOro to get a better idea.

With the help of our great team sponsors, Team Erica will provide your 2016 jersey for you free! You just need to be signed up for the 2016 Bike MS Tour to Tanglewood event. If you're not, you're in luck! During the month of May you can get signed up and save $15 by using the promo code BIKEMONTH.

To order any additional custom Team Erica gear for yourself to include Men's bibs, Women's shorts, gloves, arm and knee warmers, or an additional jersey, follow the instructions below to log into our Team Erica Order site at Castelli. We're listed as Team Erica 16.1. The deadline to order your jersey and any additional gear is May 13
INSTRUCTIONS FOR ORDERING ADDITIONAL GEAR (Remember, order your free Team Erica Jersey on our team web page beginning May 1st)

Click on Project invite link:


If you have never used the TOS before, please create an account under “New Users”

Click on save

To order, please click on “New Order”

Once you select the items you wish to order, please click NEXT. The screen will take you to Review your order. If it is not accurate please click the “back” option at the bottom of the page to correct your order.

If it is correct, please click “next” to take you to the payment field

Once you click “submit” the order will be saved and your card will be charged.

Paid orders can not be modified. If you need to modify a paid order (sizing request for example) please contact your team manager who will know how to proceed.

If you do not submit/pay for your order, your order will remain “OPEN”.

You can modify your “open” order at any time and pay for it once you are ready.

Please do not create a new order if possible. Or if you do create a new order, please delete your previous “open order”.

You can return to the main page to find your “open” order by clicking on the Castelli banner at the top of the page.

To either cancel/delete, edit, or pay for this existing “open” order, please select the “ORDERS” tab at the top:

Selecting the “ORDERS” tab will take you to a screen where you can select to EDIT or DELETE your order.




Name *
Womens Size
Mens Size

MEN           XXS          XS            S                 M             L              XL                 2XL             3XL       4XL       5XL

Chest         32.5-34     34-35.5    35.5-37       37-38.5    39-41       41-43            43-45          45-47    47-49    50-52

Waist         26.5-28      28-29.5    29.5-31.5    31-33       33-35.5   35.5-37.5       38.5-40.5    41-43      43-45      45.47

Hip            33.5-35       35-36.5    35.5-38.5    38-40       40-42      42-44             44-46          46-48



WOMEN     XS              S           M                L            XL              2XL    3XL        

Bust           32.5-34.5    34-36    35.5-37.5    38-40    40.5-42.5   43-45    45-47

Waist          25.5-27.5    27-29   28.5-30.5     31-33    33.5-35.5   36-3838-40

Hip             34.5-36        36-38   37.5-39.5     40-42    42.5-44.5   45.47