** Many people are unsure of whether they could ride a bicycle the full distance of the Tour to Tanglewood, 90 miles.  First and foremost, the ride is not a race.  There are all sorts of riders with all sorts of abilities, from 6 year old kids with their parents to 70+ year old grandparents.  Secondly, the ride is divided into two days with approximately 45 miles each day, with plenty of rest stops along the way stocked with all the food and drinks you could imagine.  There is also constant SAG support along the route, vehicles armed with volunteers and cycle repair specialists to assist with any problems.  And lastly, there are a number of training rides sponsored by the MS Society in the months leading up to the tour that will help a rider of any ability gain the confidence and training they need to complete the distance. 

** It's never too early to start training for the tour ride. Even during the winter and early spring months, taking a Cycle or Spin Class is an excellent way to get your body and legs in shape.

** Where do I stay/sleep on Saturday evening after the first day of the tour? There are several choices. Many people camp out at Tanglewood Park and enjoy the evening of festivities offered by the MS Society. You can also choose to stay at a local hotel or even travel back home for the evening and return early the next morning for the bicycle ride back to Greensboro. There are shuttles that can provide transportation. Be sure to check the MS web site for all the options.